Is Plant-Based Meat SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consist of 17 objectives that the United Nations adopted in 2015 to achieve a more prosperous and vibrant global world by 2030.

Our commitment to SDGs



By providing plant-based meat (DAIZ MIRACLE MEAT), DAIZ would like to contribute to solving the protein crisis and end hunger in the world.

飢餓をゼロに 飢餓をゼロに


By shifting to plant-derived proteins, we can reduce our environmental impact and achieve sustainable food production.

Greenhouse gases on earth are also produced from the burps and farts of livestock. By providing plant-based meat derived from soy beans, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

Kajitsudo Co., Ltd., the parent company of DAIZ, is ranked as the number one organic baby leaf manufacturing company in Japan. By inheriting Kajitsudo’s corporate identity of “organically cultivate safety agriculture products,” DAIZ would like to contribute to a sustainable environment by manufacturing plant-based meat.

“For our health, for earth’s health” is DAIZ’s mission in making an effort towards sustainable development goals.

On 24 March 2021, DAIZ collaborated with ENEOS corporation to achieve the goal of “low carbon, recycle-based society.”