Greetings from the President

President Junko Kawano

Greetings from President 
Junko Kawano


Handing Down a Green Earth to Future Generations
Producing delicious and environmentally-friendly food.

I wonder what the earth look like in 2050. Will it be lush and green? Will there be vast expanses of nature in all its graceful beauty? Will the blue seas be calm and tranquil? Will many forms of life be coexisting with humanity?

We’ve gone from a time when there were no cell phones, no social media, and no self-driving cars to generative AI, ChatGPT, manned rockets, flying cars, and more.... Technological innovation knows no bounds. The human race's skills will undoubtedly create innovations taking us into the unknown in our own lifetime. On the other hand, the global environment in which we live is also being forced to transform. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been accompanied by a great upheaval in the world today, and we are reexamining the global environment. Moreover, a protein crisis caused by global population growth is an issue that people everywhere will face in the near future, and it is an issue that cannot be avoided.

DAIZ Inc. will continue to pursue this mission to prepare for and alleviate the coming protein crisis as well as save the global environment under the philosophy of "Plant meat for the world" by offering plant-based food through technological innovation.



President and
Representative Director,

Work History

April 1986 Joined Kumamoto City Medical Association Testing Center
April 2000 Joined TransGenic Corporation
June 2009 Joined Kajitsudo Corporation
June 2015 Promoted to Director of the Business Promotion Division
December 2015 Appointed to the board of the newly founded DAIZ Inc. (formerly Daiz Energy)
January 2022 Promoted to COO and Director of the Production Management Department
January 2024 Promoted to President and Representative Director


Hobbies Reading (any genre), listening to concerts (especially piano recitals), and caring for houseplants (greenery heals me)
Favorite food Dandan noodles
Mottos “The possibilities are endless” and “When times are tough, smile”